the good, the bad and the ugly | what we did with it

THE green bedroom

When we discovered a brick fireplace was hiding behind this mirror, we had to bring it back. We found this white marble fireplace surround in a reclamation yard, and it works perfectly. We especially love the combination of the green textured wallpaper and of the dark brown leather of the little vanity corner, and the heavy wool tartan curtains add to the peaceful atmosphere of this bedroom.

THE Country kitchen

When we started Egerton Stud, the kitchen was painted in a yellow shiny lacquer and the cabinet were a bright shade of green. The clients wanted to keep the kitchen, as it had been very well made and it would have been a shame and a waste to throw it all away. They wanted the kitchen to have a nice rustic, country feel to it, as it would also be used as the Breakfast Room. After having sanded and re-varnished the floor, we decided to paint the cabinets in Green Smoke from Farrow and Ball. The table and the benches were bespoke made, and we found this beautiful "Vaisselier" in an antique shop in France. Oh, and the Beagle is mine.

The Chinese Bathroom

This bathroom had been painted in a red lacquer, everything was red even the inside of the bath! We wanted to keep the idea of a Chinese Bathroom, but make it a bit more inviting and subtle. We kept a lot of the existing design, we replaced the red bath (!), replaced the red skin, re-painted everything a more peaceful colour for the woodwork and a wallpaper for the walls, and finally used patterned cement tiles which worked really well with the overall theme. 


Originally, this room was actually a little kitchenette, we ripped it apart, used dark grey cement tiles from Emery et Cie for the floor, and the Valencia Glacier metro/subway style tiles from Fired Earth for the walls.  We called this bathroom " The Hounds Bathroom", because the blinds in the bedroom represent a hunting scene.

THE Cloakroom

The Cloakroom is located on the ground floor of the house and is the main loo for the whole floor, therefore it was quite an important room to focus on. When we found this bathroom it was a bit Art Deco, and didn't really suit the country vibes and surroundings of the house. We decided to keep the main sink unit and to only replace the basin and the surrounding stone, and to also keep the wall panelling, as they were nice features. The first thing we did was to tile the floor with black and white cement tiles, we had already done 10 bathrooms in that house, all completely different, as per the client's request, and this was the last one we had to complete. This room was the outcome of our last little shred of inspiration and it is now our favourite room of the house! We found this amazing Ralph Lauren tartan wallpaper, combined with the beautiful Studio Green paint from Farrow and Ball and the icing on the cake was our bespoke cistern from Catchpole and Rye, on which can be read: " Egerton House - Newmarket".

The Patchwork Bathroom

This bathroom was really dated and was probably one of the worst bathrooms of the house. We decided to replace the bath with a shower, to give a feeling of space, as this is quite a small bathroom. We used patterned cement tiles for the floor. We hand-picked each individual tiles and designed the whole bathroom tile per tile to make sure there was a good flow of patterns throughout the bathroom. Finally we added a dado and painted the bottom the same colour as the shower tiles, as it works better than white with the patchwork tiles, and painted white above to give a nice contrast to the dark grey.

Sea Spice Restaurant

This room was mostly used for conferences and private parties until it was converted to an Indian Restaurant. There were a lot of nice features to the room already, such as the oak panels, which we obviously kept and restored. We had decided on a dark wood flooring and were really lucky to find under the carpet beautiful old oak floorboards, which we were able to restore as well. Overall the existing features really enhanced and complemented the colonial feel we wanted to give to the restaurant.